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13 July 2024

Pulau Pramuka

pulau pramuka

Di pulau ini terdapat sarana pelestarian penyu sisik (Eretmochelys imbricata) yang saat ini jumlahnya sudah sedikit sehingga dilindungi.[3] Selain itu terdapat pula penanaman bakau sebagai upaya perbaikan pertahanan pantai.

Pramuka is an island in the Thousand Islands archipelago. The archipelago lies in the western part of the Java Sea and is located north of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. The island is the capital and the home to the administrative government of the Thousands Island regency.

Ethnic groups on the island are Betawi, Bugis, Banten, Madura.

Facilities on the island include a school, mosque, hospital, dock, and homestay for tourists.

This island can be reached in two and half hours by motorboat from Muara Angke Jakarta, or faster by speedboat from Marina Ancol Jakarta. Boat rentals to other islands in the archipelago are also available.

There is a Hawksbill Turtle (Erethmochelys imbricata) conservation in this island. The island coast is planted with mangrove to protect it.



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